Ready, Set…Wait!

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By Kim Eidel

Scripture Passage:

Romans 8:6-14

Psalm 27:13-14

Imagine a big race, perhaps even the Olympics and the runners are all lined up. Each of them is physically and mentally prepared and they have a plan of action and they are ready to go…but they still have to wait for the signal to take off. 

That’s right…they still have to wait for the right time. If they start prematurely, they suffer the consequences. Christians can learn a thing or two from these athletes. 

Many times the Lord will give His people a direction and they get excited and antsy and they just take off. They may receive a hint of what to do and they start planning and researching and grab their things and soar ahead full force while expecting the Lord to keep up with them. These individuals make the mistake of thinking they are in the clear because they got a direction from God. The problem with that is that the Holy Spirit is not our map…He is our Guide. A guide goes with a person and leads them because there could be twists, turns, detours, and pitfalls along the journey. A guide knows what lies ahead and how to maneuver and avoid set-backs and obstruction.

As Christians, the Holy Spirit is to be our guide (Romans 8:14). He is the one leading and we are to follow…not the other way around. However, being a Christian is not enough. We must surrender every day, and every moment if needed, to Him. We must have a relationship WITH Him and not at Him. What does that mean? It means to not just dump your prayer requests on Him, but interact with Him with praise, worship, prayer and waiting on Him (Psalm 27:14). When we think upon His Word, and praise Him throughout the day; when we take time to listen, He is then able to make our path more clear. If there is going to be a stumbling block, a twist or turn along the way, the Lord can help us around or through the situation. Perhaps it can be avoided all together when we follow His timing. If we allow Him to be our Guide instead of barreling through on our own, then our path will be led to victory.

Additional Scripture Readings:

Ephesians 4:23

John 14:26

Kim Eidel is an Apostolic Minister and founder of Arise Ministries — a non-profit religious organization and its divisions — that teaches the “how-to’s” of faith and practice.

With a mandate to serve, encourage, empower, and disciple through speaking engagements, live events, writing, and broadcasting, Kim equips others to grow spiritually and to develop a closer and more personal relationship with the Lord.

Kim is an ordained minister through the Church of God (Cleveland, TN) and is the Executive Pastor at the Refuge Church of God in New Martinsville, WV and has a degree in education. She is also the author of several published articles and enjoys teaching the principles of God’s Kingdom.

Kim and her husband, George, live in West Virginia with their four children.

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