Intentional Living

Hey friends! Caleigh here. I want to take a moment and share with you the why behind Intentional Living.

For four years, I had been a part of the rat race of life. As a teenager moving into adulthood, I realized I wasn’t enjoying life anymore like I once had. What was supposed to be some of the best years of my life got practically pushed to the side as I tried to keep up with my ever growing list of commitments and obligations.

Finally I had had enough. Through prayer, God revealed to me the important ingredient I was missing: intentionality.

Sure life is busy, it is for everyone. But what it came down to for me was prioritizing and having that balance between work hard and play hard.

Have I got every aspect of living intentionally down yet? Not even close. My goal here though is to share with you what I’m learning and to inspire you to take control of your own crazy busy life and to live with intention.

I’ll catch you on the flippity flip, my friends.


An adventurer and coffee enthusiast at heart, Caleigh Ball has a passion for reaching out to others to inspire them to live with intention and purpose. As an ordained minister, she spends her time ministering as a youth pastor and is actively involved in Arise Ministries as the vice president and bookkeeper as well as one of the ministers. She enjoys life with her husband, Emmanuel, and their cat, Alaska, in their home state, Almost Heaven West Virginia.

Find Caleigh on Instagram at @caleigh.ball