by leaps and bounds – a network and division of Arise Ministries – is a site dedicated to the spiritual development, advancement, and spiritual growth of all believers world-wide through the use of apostolic ministry and the prophetic.

With a mandate to reach the lost, the hurting, and to offer the tools and spiritual nuggets that will foster spiritual growth, we are compelled to go into the highways, byways, and all avenues of the WiFi to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to offer hope to those in bondage. Through the use of creative arts, including articles, instructional/informational/encouraging videos, podcasts, online courses, blogs, artwork, and inspirational apparel, the believer will be trained, empowered, equipped, and encouraged to walk in the authority of the believer; they will learn who they are in Christ Jesus and learn how to walk and be led by the Spirit.

Through the Spirit-led vision given to senior editor Hannah Smith (previously Maddisen Sauls) and Apostolic Minister Kim Eidel, along with anointed writers, prophetic artists, and evangelists, we are confident you will grow spiritually…by leaps and bounds.

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Let’s encourage one another in the Lord.