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by leaps and bounds is host to an assortment of categories in the interest of covering every interest under the sun.

Check out our amazing articles written by Arise Ministries and by leaps and bounds staff members. These articles detail the stories and testimonies of fellow believers, ministers, and other broad topics that will interest readers of all ages.

Those in touch with their creative side can click on our Creatives tab to view artwork and read posts pertaining to creating beautiful artwork, writing inspired by music and books, and using these creative talents for the Lord.

Check out our video and podcast links as well as the Apostolic Training for advice, encouragement, and training on various topics such as spiritual growth, overcoming depression and anxiety, and other topics.

Looking for something small and encouraging to get you through the week? We’ve got you covered! Our Word of Week category will be updated at the start of each week, and will provide one word readers can hold onto all week long.

These are just a few of the topics and categories that we here at by leaps and bounds cover. Check them all out now and see what you like best!

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