Mind, Body & Soul

Hello everyone, Danie here.

Welcome to my blog: Mind, Body, and Soul!

As a Pastor and a Registered Nurse, I understand how one impacts the other. When things are out of order, it can mean total chaos for our minds, body, and spirit.

I hope to share thoughts, tools, and ideas that will assist you as you navigate this thing we call life. Scripture and life experiences have taught me that you can overcome any obstacle with the right tools and resources.

I pray you find inspiration within these posts to fight the good fight of faith and deepen your relationship with the Lord.

Danielle “Danie” Gunto is the author of the Mind, Body & Soul blog. Danie has been a Registered Nurse since 2004. However, she never felt like she was doing what she was called to do. That was until a few years ago when she became an active member of the Church, and it soon became evident what her true calling was.

Although she had spent very little time in Church growing up, within minutes of walking into the Refuge, she knew that was the missing piece of her life. Since that day, Danie has become a Pastor and is the Executive Pastor at the Refuge Church of God in New Martinsville, WV.

In addition to her work at the Refuge, Danie works at the local community hospital as the Infection Prevention/Employee Health/Emergency Management Coordinator. Although her goal is to one day only work at the Church.

Danie lives with her husband, Glen, and their cat Libbie in Proctor, WV. They have one grown daughter Cheyenne who is a Nurse Practitioner and lives in Pittsburgh, Pa.

She loves to read, write, spend time with family and friends, talk about the Lord, and sip coffee.
Her inspiration is to share the gospel with everyone she can so that they may know Jesus and who they are in him.