Faith and Food

Faith and Food is a personal blog by Tina Rucker, and is a must-read for avid food-lovers and both dedicated and novice cooks.

In this blog, Tina will share recipes of her favorite, homemade meals, and her heart and passion for Christ.

Tina has expertly created a haven for food-lovers everywhere as well as a great place to mix your love for cooking and your passion for Christ into one hearty read.

Faith and Food cleverly mixes recipes and mini-devotions that will fill your belly and satisfy your soul.

In addition to providing delicious recipes on her Faith and Food blog, Tina Rucker is a proud mom to her 18 year old son, happy wife to her husband Joel of six years, and the spearhead of the Five Loaves Food Pantry ministry in her local church, open twice a month. 

Tina has worked in the food industry for over 25 years, and has a heart and a passion to serve, feed, and provide for those in need.