by leaps and bounds offers blogs for all seasons of life

by leaps and bounds is proud to host many different blogs, chronicling different individuals’ journey through life.

The Everyday Joy blog is authored by Maddisen Sauls, and details her struggles with depression, fear, pressure, and other problems she’s faced.

Everyday Joy lays out practical steps one can take to walk out of depression, and walk in joy and victory each and every day.

Faith and Food by Tina Rucker is a haven for food-lovers everywhere and a great place to mix your love for cooking and your passion for Christ into one hearty read.

Faith and Food cleverly mixes recipes and mini-devotions that will fill your belly and satisfy your soul.

Farmhouse, Coffee & Jesus by Lou Ann Virden is an encouraging blog about real life situations we may encounter along our journey called life.

Lou wants her readers to feel that they are not alone, regardless of what they may be going through.

Dare To Dream by Telina Frye is a blog that strives to encourage readers to dream and to move forward in pursuit of their dreams.

Through this, readers will learn to balance their dreaming with doing, step outside of their comfort zone, and reach for the things that might at first appear impossible.

Intentional Living is authored by Caleigh Ball and is a heartfelt and honest tale about learning to live with intentionality.

Through this blog, Caleigh reaches out to people just like her who have found themselves stuck in a “rat race”, going through the motions, and lost without purpose. Intentional Living will teach readers to remember to live, and to live with intentionality and purpose.

Mopping Up The Blessings is a blog created by Tammy Bassett. Tammy wants to bring bold honesty and shine light to those who may be doing what feels like the less glamorous parts of mothering, homeschooling, and life.

She wants to show that it’s okay to not always have it perfectly together, as social media may try to proclaim.

Moving Mountains is a blog written by Hannah Smith. Hannah uses this medium as a way to use her experiences to encourage others to keep going, and to remind them that they are more than conquerors.

Hannah also prays that her blog will help readers move the mountains in their lives.

Overcoming Autism is the personal story of Hannah Benson, chronicling her journey through autism and the affect it’s had on her life, her relationship with Christ, and the world around her.

Rise Above is authored by Tina Bassett. Tina wants to encourage her readers to seek God first, keep moving forward, and learn to speak to their mountains instead of repeatedly going around them, or running from them.

She says it is about progress, not perfection!

Shamar was created by Deidre Gaines. Deidre’s main purpose for this blog is to highlight areas where we are to guard our hearts with all diligence, for from it spring the issues of life.

Her hope is that her readers will be encouraged to go the distance, with help from the Lord along the way.

Each blog is released on a consistent basis, with the schedule as follows:

Faith and Food will appear on the fourth Thursday of the month.

Farmhouse, Coffee & Jesus is posted the 10th of each month.

Mopping Up The Blessings will come out every Friday.

Overcoming Autism will update monthly.

Rise Above will update each month on the 17th.

and Shamar is posted on the 1st of every month.

Don’t forget to check in on your favorite blogs!