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Hey guys! This blog is going to be a little bit different.

I just want to give you guys some life updates because the Lord has been working overtime and absolutely blowing any plans, hopes, or prayers of mine out of the water!

Let me start off with the fact that I recently moved into my first apartment on my own! I am no longer living with my parents! This has been a huge, huge adjustment!

If even two years ago you would have asked me if this was even going to be feasible or even possible, I would’ve told you absolutely not. But look what my God has done!

I’ve also been offered positions on several mission trips and retreats! There’s also the possibility of a job in my future! I will be working with a wonderful woman of God who am I admire greatly! God has a lot in store for me for this next year!

I absolutely cannot wait to see how the Lord continues to write my story! I am telling you guys right now, if you were struggling and you were in the waiting room of life, your time is coming. Trust me, I’ve been in the waiting room for five years and I kept delaying my own wait and delaying my own blessing, but now it’s my time to bloom and I am blooming where I am planted!

I can’t say enough and I can’t put into words how incredibly crazy this past month has been! It seems to happen all of a sudden but this has been five years in the making and I am just so blessed to be able to share this journey with you all!

God bless! Peace out peeps!

Hannah Benson — known for her big heart, her kindness, and her eagerness to serve — is the author of the Overcoming Autism blog.

Hannah was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 14, and now uses this media platform as a way to reach out to those living with Autism and other handicaps. Hannah shares tips and coping skills for those with Autism and for family and friends of those who have been diagnosed; she also relates her life to stories in the Bible and chronicles the lessons she’s learned along her journey.

Hannah Benson can be found on Instagram @hannah_benson94 or on Facebook on the Overcoming Autism Hannah’s Story.

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