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Hey guys! Long time no see. I have been taking a break to get my own life and stuff more together. 

This past month I had the opportunity to go to a wonderful retreat in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. There, I got to worship with some of the most amazing people on the planet. There were healings and restorations and, because the Spirit of the Lord was there, there was freedom. 

Something amazing happened on that mountain that nobody can describe. You just had to be there to understand. Such a move of God! 

I write all of this to say that I received healing and freedom from Autism! I have officially overcome Autism! Guys, it was the singular most amazing feeling I have ever had. The feeling of freedom overwhelmed me! 

How it happened is this: me and three ladies went into one of the rooms in the cabin and they started praying and they said that I needed to forgive some people to set myself free from any unforgiveness. Unforgiveness can cause soul wounds and keep you from getting true healing. So we prayed and they declared freedom and healing over me and then they prayed for healing from spiritual soul wounds and I felt a release. I am still walking out my healing and my freedom.

Through this next year I’m wanting to take you along my journey of walking in that freedom and getting to know myself again. I was diagnosed 13 years ago so I have put my whole identity in my diagnosis and now, by faith, I believe I am healed…so what’s next?

Well I guess we will figure this out together! Stay tuned to watch me find myself again!

I love you guys! God Bless! Peace out peeps!

Hannah Benson — known for her big heart, her kindness, and her eagerness to serve — is the author of the Overcoming Autism blog.

Hannah was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 14, and now uses this media platform as a way to reach out to those living with Autism and other handicaps. Hannah shares tips and coping skills for those with Autism and for family and friends of those who have been diagnosed; she also relates her life to stories in the Bible and chronicles the lessons she’s learned along her journey.

Hannah Benson can be found on Instagram @hannah_benson94 or on Facebook on the Overcoming Autism Hannah’s Story.

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