What’s in the Well Comes Up With the Bucket

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I’ve been thinking about the way that people act and react a lot here lately. There are so many things that make us who we are and that make us act the way we do. 

I was talking with my daughter, Ryleigh, the other day and we were talking about why she had done something. She said something and I said, “That’s not an excuse.” 

She said, “No, but it’s a reason.” She’s only 10 years old, you all. 

I began thinking about times that I have acted in ways that I am embarrassed of. Things I wish I could take back the moment I said them or did them. It’s so frustrating. But it’s not a new problem. Paul says in Romans 7:15: “For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I.” In other words I do the things I don’t want to do but don’t do the things I want to — the things that are right! 

Our thoughts play a more important role in this than many of us realize. Several weeks ago, I had a lesson planned out for the kids about flexible and negative thoughts. It had to do with how what we think about a situation affects how we feel which, in turn, affects how we act. I had it all planned out in my mind and was ready to talk to them about it in the next day or two. 

Now, I will say that I’m a pretty laid back person and don’t really lose my temper much. But do you know that I had put some burgers on the grill and burned them? I was so mad. I was pretty loud about how mad I was and it felt good too. Until I turned around and saw my husband and daughter looking at me like I had lost my mind. They couldn’t understand why I was so upset over burgers. Really, I shouldn’t have been, but for some reason, it just set me off. Needless to say, that lesson got postponed for a few more days, and after I had some time to get over myself, I used it as an example to show them what not to do. Ha!

King Solomon said in Proverbs 4:23: “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life”. How do we guard our hearts? We fill our mind with God’s Word. We pray and ask God to help us, and we think on good things. 

After all, we cannot act differently than we think. It’s not okay to go around offering excuses for things that we do. But, behind every action is a reason. If our minds are filled with doubt, fear, and worry, it affects how we act. But if we fill our minds with who God says we are, the things we think, do, and say, will change for the better. 

I just recorded a song that I wrote that will be coming out very soon that deals with this and I can’t wait to share it with you. In the meantime, keep thinking good thoughts! Be aware of who you are in Christ and walk confidently knowing that you are seen, known, and loved by the creator of the universe.

Telina Frye is the author of Dare to Dream, as well as a pastor’s wife and mother to her 13 year old son and 10 year old daughter. 

She is a singer/songwriter and a natural born dreamer. Telina is also credentialed in the Church of God as an Exhorter and holds a Minister of Music License. She serves as the worship leader at the church where her husband serves as lead pastor. 

Telina loves having deep, meaningful conversations about what is and what could be. She hopes this blog will inspire readers to dare to look past what is, see what can be, and reach for the impossible.

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