Keep the Vision Alive

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Hey all! Been a while, hasn’t it?

Life can be that way sometimes, and I can’t say that I’m the only one. The pressure that everyday life can put on a person can be astronomical to many in our current society. But the awesome thing is that through God we can have strength to carry on and the grace to accomplish those things with excellence.

One thing that I want to share today is about vision.

No, I’m not talking about your physical sight (though maybe this is your sign that you need to schedule yourself an eye doctor appointment 👀) but I’m talking about a dream that you don’t just see as something that would never happen or that’s too out there. When I say vision, I’m talking about something that you can truly envision yourself doing, even something that God has downloaded in your spirit.

Having a vision is important.

Proverbs 29:18 says that where there is no vision, the people perish. The MSG version says it this way: “If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; But when they attend to what he reveals, they are most blessed.”

I just want to say that I can 100% confirm that this passage of scripture is true. When I had no vision, life seemed to just stand still. I had nothing to look forward to because I didn’t have that vision. Honestly, I felt like I was in a tunnel not seeing the way out; I felt stuck in that particular season. Another good example I can compare it to was like getting on a treadmill and walking but without going anywhere. Going on like that can be exhausting, discouraging, debilitating, and quite frankly depressing.

Having a vision, particularly a fresh vision from the Lord, brings hope. Being able to see what God is wanting to do in that next or future season can bring you hope. It’s a reminder that, yes you’re in this current season of your life, whether it be great or difficult, but there’s still more to look forward to.

God is not done with you. He still has a plan and purpose for your life.

I know giving up may seem like the easy thing to do, and you would be right. Pressing through though? Oh yes, it would be much harder. But great things will come from it. God is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever ask, think, or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). How awesome is it that we have a God who could do that?! And He wants to do the exceedingly abundant things in our lives. For that though, we have to press through.

Yes, it is the harder path. More worth it though? Most definitely. And in the midst of it, God will give you the strength you need to carry on. Sometimes the harder things in life are the things that are worth the struggle. 

Let me say it again: God still has a purpose and plan for your life.

If you lack that vision, ask God to give you a new vision. If you have one already, ask Him to build the vision He’s already given to you. For both, pray about it, wait on God’s timing (the hardest step 😅), and take the small steps toward that vision as God leads you too.

Follow where God leads and keep the vision alive.

~ ❁ ~

Something I love to do is take an action step. Okay, here’s what I’m thinking, and maybe you’ve heard of them. I’m thinking: a vision board. I know, it might sound kinda cliche, but hear me out: keeping that vision God gave you where you can see it can help you remember the things God has spoken to you. It can help you keep hope. Not only that but I don’t know about you but seeing a picture of that future vision kind of brings it to life. 

Our visions and goals don’t have to just be dreams. Sometimes though it can seem just like a dream in the midst of a particular season or circumstance. Seeing it on a board though just brings that reminder that God did give you that vision and He wants to see it come to pass in His timing. And whenever we pause to look at it, we can pray for that vision, for God’s will to be done in it… that He would open the doors He wants opened and close the doors He wants closed.

So I challenge you to create for yourself a vision board, whether it be a physical collage or even a virtual one, like a picture. Once it’s created, make a point to look at it to remind yourself that God still has more for you. This will help you keep that vision alive.

Until next time, friends 😉


An adventurer and coffee enthusiast at heart, Caleigh Ball has a passion for reaching out to others to inspire them to live with intention and purpose. As an ordained minister, she spends her time ministering as a youth pastor and is actively involved in Arise Ministries as the vice president and bookkeeper as well as one of the ministers. She enjoys life with her husband, Emmanuel, and their cat, Alaska, in their home state, Almost Heaven West Virginia.

Find Caleigh on Instagram at @caleigh.ball 

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