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Shift: change the emphasis, direction, or focus of

It’s time for a shift. 

It’s time for a change. 

And it takes your effort and your involvement to make it happen.

So many times we want a change. We want a closer relationship with God; we want to be better examples; we want, we want, we want. But we don’t work for it.

If we want a closer relationship with God, guess what? It’s not just going to magically appear because you desire it. It will take a conscious effort of yours to bring it about. You will have to put in the time; you will have to pray, worship, and read the Word. You will have to speak to God. It will take you

If we want our desires to become a reality, we must shift. One definition of shift is “change the emphasis, direction, or focus of,” and this is key.

What has been your emphasis in life? What direction have you been heading in? What has been your focus?

Do the answers to this question align with accomplishing your desires? If not, it’s time to shift.

Change the emphasis in your life. Change the direction; change your focus. Shift gears today. Align yourself with the Word of God and begin putting in the effort. 

Set your eyes above, and work for the Lord. Do not give up or lose heart! A simple shift can make a big difference in your life. Try it today and see. 

Maddisen Sauls is the smile and voice behind the Everyday Joy blog as well as the author of the Word of the Week posts and the editor of by leaps and bounds. Throughout her life, Maddisen has worked as a reporter for small town newspapers, a School Age and Preschool teacher, and has acquired her ministerial license. 

An avid book reader and lover of the written word, Maddisen is passionate about using her favorite medium to reach the lost and the hurting, and to offer encouragement and hope to those struggling through life. 

Following her battle with depression, Maddisen has made it her mission to help other people through this journey and to bring joy to the lives of the people around her. 

You can find Maddisen on Instagram @maddisen.paige

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