It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way Any Longer

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So, here’s the thing: God never moved; we did. God never loved us any more or any less, but we told ourselves He did. God saw your finish, while you saw your mistakes. Jesus literally died on the cross on your very worst day. Think about the worst mistake you’ve ever made. That’s the person Jesus died on the cross to save. 

We cause struggle and heartache in our own lives for unnecessary reasons. We make life so much harder than it has to be. 

When God is absent, it’s because we have run away from Him. The Lord tells us to seek Him and we will find Him, when we seek Him with ALL our hearts. 

I was struggling pretty recently with the social distancing, quarantining, and feeling depressed and hopeless. Then God reminded me it was because I stopped waking up early to spend time with Him. 

Following Jesus will almost always take sacrifice and challenge our comfort level. But, it will ALWAYS be worth it and pour more blessings into our lives than anything else ever could. 

If you are struggling, feel alone, lost, or left out — run back to Jesus. I say this a lot in my blogs, haha. But it is always going to be the answer for every situation or question you will ever encounter in life. 

I’ve been diligently doing my morning alone time with the Lord for a few months now and I can tell you I’m stronger in and closer to God than ever before. I truly do have peace that surpasses my understanding. I have peace even when it makes no sense. I have boldness and confidence in the Lord. I don’t care what this world thinks of me any longer, but I do care what I am doing for the Kingdom and our eternal destinations. 

The devil is trying harder than ever before because He knows that each passing day his time gets shorter and shorter. When the devil fights, God fights back even harder. 

When struggle comes into our lives, let’s seek God even deeper and love even more. Love wins. Not the kind of self love that the world is preaching, but the kind of eternal love that will fulfill every aspect of our lives. All it takes is faith the size of a mustard seed for God to do the impossible on our behalf. 

That seed that God planted inside of your heart will come to fruition. The darkness may try and overtake it; the storm may come and try to blow it away, but God will always bring the sunshine to make it grow. 

God is a God of yes and amens. He is not a God of disappointment or failure. He will always show up to save the day. That dream God gave you already took into account the mistakes you would make. He hasn’t given up on you. He died for you on your worst day. God is always the answer. He truly understands. He is the sun and the watering can, and He gave you the seed, hope, and dream for a reason. It’s not for anyone else. It’s not too insignificant. It’s not too late for God. Seek Him in everything you do; I promise you it will fill your cup and leave you feeling so refreshed and joyful that you won’t be able to contain it!! Jesus is the love that wins! 

Hannah Smith, author of the Moving Mountains blog, is a woman who feels she has experienced a lot of life in her 30 years. 

At 19 years old, Hannah joined the Army. After moving around the country, getting a divorce and losing what seemed like everything, she landed back where God wanted her in Ohio, even though she fought the whole way. She is now in charge of the prayer team at her church and seeks the Lord with all she’s got.

Hannah is married and a RN, but works as a stay-at-home mom to her daughter, Isabella, and her son, Grayson.

She loves to hike, travel, drink coffee, and talk about Jesus. Hannah also has a heart to create a home and life in which she can be a safe place for the hurting and the broken.

To her readers, Hannah says, “I believe that God set every single one of you reading this apart, for such a time as this. It is my hope and prayer that God would use the words I say to change your life in a way you and I never thought possible!”

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