The Right Obsession

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Hey guys! 

So in one of my earlier blogs, I talked a little bit about obsessions. I think the example I used was my obsession with fire. I want to expand on the obsession part of that blog. 

Since I was little, I have been obsessed with people. I will focus in on one person and drive them crazy! It has ruined so many relationships! 

Another thing that I can obsess about is tornado sirens… I love them and am interested about how they work. I can watch videos of them for hours! Just the way they are set off by a radio system is fascinating… just replay a dual-tone combination and all sirens on that system go off. It’s so cool. 

Fire alarms are also amazing! One flip of a switch and you can clear an entire building!

But what if there is something we NEED to be obsessed with? I have been gut-checked on this so many times. God wants us to obsess about HIM. 

It’s great to have friends and hobbies, but God wants our love and attention too. I am so guilty of this, like I said. 

In Matthew 6:33 it says seek first the kingdom of God. He should be our first thought in the morning and our last thought before going to sleep. How many of us can say that He is? Honestly, I can’t. 

What would our spiritual life look like if we obsessed over Jesus instead of the world? Wouldn’t that be amazing?! We would have a lot less war and strife. 

So today I challenge you and I to be more obsessed with God than the world! 

Remember, God loves you and so do I!

Hannah Benson — known for her big heart, her kindness, and her eagerness to serve — is the author of the Overcoming Autism blog.

Hannah was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 14, and now uses this media platform as a way to reach out to those living with Autism and other handicaps. Hannah shares tips and coping skills for those with Autism and for family and friends of those who have been diagnosed; she also relates her life to stories in the Bible and chronicles the lessons she’s learned along her journey.

Hannah Benson can be found on Instagram @hannah_benson94 or on Facebook on the Overcoming Autism Hannah’s Story.

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