A Time To Heal Women’s Conference

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This weekend I had the privilege of being able to attend “A Time To Heal” women’s conference. The presence of the spirit was so heavy! It was amazing. I can’t even explain how it felt in that room!

The day started at noon with praise and worship. Guys, the spirit in that room was so sweet! I can’t even describe it! I had a wonderful time! 

First to bring the Word was Tonia Lukacs. She preached a message on how you may have been hurt, but get up and walk tall. 

Kristin York was up next and gave us a small taste of her testimony and how unforgiveness can hold us back from the promises of God. It was such a timely word for me, as the man who inappropriately touched me in the past had died just two days before the conference. 

The second session started at 4:30 p.m. and also began with an amazing time of worship. The first speaker of the afternoon session was Sarah Washington, who spoke about how we need to not idolize what we fear because then you start to worship what you fear and not God. She talked about her very fearful childhood and how she recovered from it. 

Next up, Angela Stress spoke about how we need to take off our grave clothes like Lazarus. We can’t say we are changed and still walk around the same!

All of this said, this conference really encouraged me and I want to encourage you. So my advice is to find a church; find a small group. Wear your mask and use wisdom, but don’t neglect corporate worship! Build each other up in the Lord. 

And remember, God loves you and so do I!

Hannah Benson — known for her big heart, her kindness, and her eagerness to serve — is the author of the Overcoming Autism blog.

Hannah was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 14, and now uses this media platform as a way to reach out to those living with Autism and other handicaps. Hannah shares tips and coping skills for those with Autism and for family and friends of those who have been diagnosed; she also relates her life to stories in the Bible and chronicles the lessons she’s learned along her journey.

Hannah Benson can be found on Instagram @hannah_benson94 or on Facebook on the Overcoming Autism Hannah’s Story.

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