Superhero Jesus

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The devil will tell us whatever lies he can to prevent us from running to the cross. 

You see, Hell was NEVER meant for humans; it was meant for Satan and his angels when they rebelled against God. God wanted us to live in perfect harmony with Him from the beginning. When Satan chose to rebel and turn against God, everything changed. 

There was now a bad guy in the picture. The world would one day need a superhero to save the day. After Satan rebelled, God wanted companionship, which encouraged Him to create Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve lived in perfect bliss in the Garden of Eden with God as their bestie. 

Because Satan is crazy good at lying and deceiving, he convinced Eve that she was missing out on something in life and thus she ate the apple and got Adam to do the same. At that moment, they chose free will and the ability to deny God. This changed everything. 

We look at God sometimes and wonder how He could possibly send people to Hell if He is so good. But that’s the lie we need to correct: God never wanted us to go to Hell. He created the perfect garden for Adam and Eve, but they chose to go against God and do the one thing He asked them not to. 

We are a lot like that today, aren’t we? Our parents and leaders give us rules to follow and it seems the more rules we have, the more we want to break and disobey them. 

Temptation is very strong and Satan is very clever. When God gave us free will, we now had the ball in our courts. We needed a Savior to rescue us from evil and deception. This was never God’s plan, but it is now His reality. 

God doesn’t send people to Hell… we choose to accept Him and take Him at His Word, or we choose eternity with Satan. God gave us chance after chance after chance. And even after the world became incredibly evil and worshipped everything but Him, He sent His ONLY son to die on the cross. If you have any babies, you know just how selfless and hard that would be. 

He sent the living, breathing Word to make a relationship and eternity in harmony with Him so accessible that anyone can receive it. 

We have to change our perspective of Jesus to reflect the truth and not what Satan tries to tell us. Satan can only lie; he has no good in him. Jesus was the superhero that saved the day. Just like in your favorite Marvel movies, Jesus is the good guy. The one we always praise and adore. He couldn’t have made this any easier for us if He tried. He suffered a horrific death. He was literally perfect and people hated Him. He paid the price and he took the judgement upon himself. 

It would be like if you were sitting on death row and Jesus walked in and said, “Nope, I’m here in your place. You can now walk free and you are completely washed away of any of the crimes you committed that placed you here.” No stipulations, no hidden agendas, no guilt or shame, and no need to repay the debt. It was a free gift that you could never have bought yourself. 

Jesus knew that you needed rescued when humanity chose free will. Jesus is the GOOD GUY. Satan is the evil one who will stop at nothing to destroy you and everything you love. 

God doesn’t hate you, He isn’t mad at you, He forgave you before you even betrayed Him. He is very real and He says we will have no excuse to deny Him on judgement day. 

Just look around you at this world; look at the human body and all it does on a day to day basis. Look at how new life comes into this world, the sunset, the beauty and laughter this life brings. There will be pain because of who Satan is, but God sent Jesus to be the rescue. 

Jesus is the vaccine, the lifesaving surgery, the friend who is there when we feel so alone. We sometimes have to change our mindset and realize Jesus is the answer to all of our problems. He isn’t trying to condemn you or make your life boring and strict. He is freedom, He is the key to an amazing life and eternity, and it absolutely matters if you will choose or deny Him on this earth. 

He is here to save the day and to rescue you from your heartache and the judgement you deserve. He made a way when there was no way. He is the good guy. And He came just to save the day for you. 

Hannah Smith, author of the Moving Mountains blog, is a woman who feels she has experienced a lot of life in her 30 years. 

At 19 years old, Hannah joined the Army. After moving around the country, getting a divorce and losing what seemed like everything, she landed back where God wanted her in Ohio, even though she fought the whole way. She is now in charge of the prayer team at her church and seeks the Lord with all she’s got.

Hannah is married and a RN, but works as a stay-at-home mom to her daughter, Isabella, and her son, Grayson.

She loves to hike, travel, drink coffee, and talk about Jesus. Hannah also has a heart to create a home and life in which she can be a safe place for the hurting and the broken.

To her readers, Hannah says, “I believe that God set every single one of you reading this apart, for such a time as this. It is my hope and prayer that God would use the words I say to change your life in a way you and I never thought possible!”

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