Don’t Blame God; Plus, a Recipe For Brown Beans and Ham With Cornbread Cheese Muffins

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I recently met a woman who shared a story with me; she had just experienced a tremendous loss in her life. And because of the loss, she found that she could no longer trust God. 

This is the case with many people in the world today. They’re angry with God because things have not worked out the way that they should have in their lives. 

I’m always sad to see someone with this mindset because God is their friend and He’s not there to cause troubles in their life. They should trust God with their troubles because He’ll help them get through them. 

Just as I know people who have blamed God for their troubles I also know people who have experienced a great tragedy in their life and have a testimony that says God is good. 

I cannot totally explain why some people have more difficulty in their life than others, but I do know that God never allows more to come on us than we can bear and He always provides a way if we trust in Him (1 Corinthians 10:13).

God never allows more to come to us than we can bear, and He always provides a way out if we trust him. God’s answers may not always come in the amount of time we prefer, but it will come at the right time. 

If we do not get delivered from difficulties then God will give us the grace to endure with a good attitude. 

God loves us, even with all of our problems. If we never had any troubles in our lives, we wouldn’t have to have the trust in God. 

Someone else helped me write this story because I was having such difficulty coming up with the right words to say. I want to thank her but won’t mention her name.

This week’s recipe is brown beans and ham with cornbread cheese muffins.

Brown Beans and Ham with Cornbread Cheese Muffins

1 pound bag brown beans

1 medium onion (diced)




Ham (chunks)

Wash beans well and pick out bad beans and rocks. I soak my beans for 1 hour to soften them. This cuts down on cooking time. 

Put beans, ham, and onion in a pot full of water, about 2 inches over beans. Add salt and pepper. Cook beans until tender, adding water if cooked down. 


(I use jiffy) Follow directions on the box. I add half cup shredded cheese.

From my blog to your kitchen, God bless and happy dishes. Remember to comment and tell me your stories!

Stay tuned for more homemade recipes and blessings from my table to yours.

In addition to providing delicious recipes on her Faith and Food blog, Tina Rucker is a proud mom to her 18 year old son, happy wife to her husband Joel of six years, and the spearhead of the Five Loaves Food Pantry ministry in her local church, open twice a month. 

Tina has worked in the food industry for over 25 years, and has a heart and a passion to serve, feed, and provide for those in need.

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