Why Did My Life Get Harder When I Became a Christian?

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Have you ever told yourself that your life seemed to get harder once you accepted Jesus into your heart? Or maybe you even thought it wasn’t worth it to make that choice because your life was decent beforehand. 

You see, the devil doesn’t need to bother you if you aren’t saved. He wants to get you the farthest from God he can, and by making your life seem good, you probably won’t reach out to Jesus for help. But eventually your choices will catch up to you or something in life will happen that will get you to what feels like rock bottom. 

I believe a lot of the times people choose to accept Jesus during their worst times in life. It is when we are desperate that we call for help. Even people who aren’t saved will call out to Jesus or request prayer when they are desperate. 

So why does our life get seemingly worse when we accept Jesus into our hearts? 

Well first off, when Adam and Eve introduced sin into the world, it opened the realm for Satan to have some power on the earth. The earth was no longer perfect and Satan was now in charge. Because of this, he tries everything in his power to separate others from Christ. He will tell us, “If God is so good, why would He let these evil, painful things happen to you?” Or “Why wouldn’t God just stop them if He is so powerful?” But it’s because we chose to have free will. 

God can no longer make choices for us. He can whisper to our hearts, but ultimately the choice to do things is ours. This leads to evil people who choose to do evil things. This leads to pain and heartbreak, assault, betrayal, and incredible sadness at times. 

Because sin entered into our lives, we needed a savior to erase that sin in front of God. When we become a Christian, we become a threat to hell. Satan hates someone who truly loves the Lord. 

Satan’s only goal on this earth is to hurt God and bring people to hell with him for eternity. This is intense stuff but it’s also a matter of forever. 

When we accept Jesus into our lives, we are now Satan’s biggest enemy whom he wants to destroy. He will attack our minds, our marriage, our physical health, our reliance on God. He will bring up our past and make us feel unworthy or incapable of change. He will attempt to make you think that accepting Jesus wasn’t even worth it. 

But friends, let me tell you, it will always be worth the cost. When our lives end, we will face eternity in heaven or hell. There is no question about it. We can either be with the One who gave everything to rescue us, or the one whose entire goal is to torture and separate us from our Healer. 

Jesus told us we will have troubles in this world but not to fear because He has overcome the world. Satan isn’t afraid of us but He sure is afraid of the One within us. He knows he has already been sentenced to death and his entire mission is to bring as many people with him as he can. 

This isn’t something to be wishy-washy about. This is life and death. True joy or horrific pain. 

This may not be a typical happy go lucky blog post, but it is one I feel led to educate you on. 

There will be storms in everyone’s life here on this earth, but I would gladly choose to have a helper and encourager through all of mine. 

Heaven will be more amazing than our wildest dreams. It’s worth the cost to pick up our cross and follow Jesus. He provides so many amazing benefits that this world never can. 

Jesus suffered the most intense pain, He went to hell in our place for three days, He took back the keys and power and rose again to show us that if we trust in Him, we can defeat anything. 

We are more than conquerors. We are worthy of God’s unending love. We are now blameless in God’s eyes. When he looks at those who are saved, He remembers and sees what Jesus did on that cross 2000+ years ago and He is no longer angry with us. He loves us with a deeper and more intense love than we can even imagine. Think about the love you have for your children on their best day and then multiply that by infinity. The love the Lord has for us is unfathomable. The reward He has laid out in Heaven for us will be the best thing we could ever imagine and so much more. 

Satan will lead you down a road you don’t want to be on, take you places you never thought you would go, and leave you feeling empty and hopeless every single time. But Jesus, oh Jesus, how He loves us so deeply. He gave up everything to rescue us. 

Your life may be incredibly hard at times, but you have a keeper, a provider, a healer, a comforter, a heavenly father who wants eternity with you. I promise you it’s worth the cost every single time. 

Stay strong friends, and when you get discouraged, remember you are in a battle in which Jesus is already victorious and Satan has already been charged and sentenced to death. Don’t let the enemy persuade you. Don’t lose hope because the storm only lasts for a season and victory is waiting on the other side!!!

Hannah Smith, author of the Moving Mountains blog, is a woman who feels she has experienced a lot of life in her 30 years. 

At 19 years old, Hannah joined the Army. After moving around the country, getting a divorce and losing what seemed like everything, she landed back where God wanted her in Ohio, even though she fought the whole way. She is now in charge of the prayer team at her church and seeks the Lord with all she’s got.

Hannah is married and a RN, but works as a stay-at-home mom to her daughter, Isabella, and her son, Grayson.

She loves to hike, travel, drink coffee, and talk about Jesus. Hannah also has a heart to create a home and life in which she can be a safe place for the hurting and the broken.

To her readers, Hannah says, “I believe that God set every single one of you reading this apart, for such a time as this. It is my hope and prayer that God would use the words I say to change your life in a way you and I never thought possible!”

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