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Integrity: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; the state of being whole and undivided.

When we hear the word integrity, we so often think that it simply means to do the right thing when no one is looking. 

And that’s true. 

However, there is so much more that is behind that word.

Integrity is a quality. 

The definition of quality is “the degree of excellence of something.”

So integrity is being honest and having strong moral principles, and doing so with a degree of excellence. This means to work your hardest to do these things.

I’m sure most of us strive to do this on a regular basis. We strive to be honest and stand up for what’s right and do what’s right.

However, integrity is also the state of being whole and undivided. And I believe this is the part we so often overlook.

To be undivided means to be “concentrated on or devoted completely to one object.” And one meaning of the word whole is “with no part removed; all of something.”

So integrity is to be whole and undivided, which is to have all of us devoted completely to something with no part removed. 

Applying this definition of integrity to your relationship with God, ask yourself this: Do I demonstrate integrity in my walk with God?

Integrity in your walk would look like you being completely devoted to God, giving Him all of you, and not holding anything back. That would mean that we surrender everything to Him.

This week I encourage you to choose to have integrity. Strive to be whole and undivided in all things. Work with excellence in your pursuit. 

As you go about your week, remind yourself of this word. Hold onto it and strive to apply it to your life. 

Doing these things can make all the difference.

Maddisen Sauls is the smile and voice behind the Everyday Joy blog as well as the author of the Word of the Week posts and the editor of by leaps and bounds. Throughout her life, Maddisen has worked as a reporter for small town newspapers, a School Age and Preschool teacher, and has acquired her ministerial license. 

An avid book reader and lover of the written word, Maddisen is passionate about using her favorite medium to reach the lost and the hurting, and to offer encouragement and hope to those struggling through life. 

Following her battle with depression, Maddisen has made it her mission to help other people through this journey and to bring joy to the lives of the people around her. 

You can find Maddisen on Instagram @maddisen.paige

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