Remembering Mom’s Cooking: Baked Steak

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As I sit and ponder on my day, I remember things that my mother used to say to me. Do you remember, “it’s not how you do your job it’s if you do to the best of your ability”? 

The one thing I could count on was my mom’s good cooking. No matter what kind of mood I was in, her cooking made everything better. 

It didn’t matter if it came out of a box or if it was homemade, she always put her touch on it. 

Mother was from the old school, and that meant supper was on the table for her family at 5 everyday. 

I asked her once, “Mom why do we have dinner at the same time everyday?” 

She said, “Because your dad comes through the door at that time and it’s my job to make sure he is taken care of. He works hard everyday for his family to have a good life so it’s mine to do the same for him.” 

We always sat at the table for supper because that’s what family did. Mom wouldn’t have it any other way. 

After we had supper, us girls would go outside and play while mom and dad had their time. 

They discussed adult things that didn’t concern us kids, as my mom would say. Then Mom would yell, “Time to come in girls; get your baths.” 

Dad would be watching Hee Haw. That was his favorite show, and he would be slapping his legs to someone singing. Mom would be doing dishes and singing alone. 

Now, our lives were not perfect, but we were a family with lots of love and good food. 

Our Bible verse this time comes from Matthew 6:11. It says, “Give us today our daily bread.”

Baked Steak 

6 PC cubed steak (tenderized)

1 cup flour

4 beef bouillon cubes

1 large container beef broth

½ cup flour

½ cup milk  (may need to use more milk to thin it out.)




Take cup of flour, add salt and pepper, and roll steak in flour until covered. Put in hot oil. Fry to golden brown. Remove steak from oil to drain. 

Have beef broth boiling in a stock pot add 4 bouillon cubes and turn down to medium. Add steak back to beef broth and cook until meat is tender. Taste if it needs more.

Beef bouillon 1 or 2. (make sure to taste; bouillon is very salty). 

Take meat out and make a slurry with flour and milk. Add to broth to make your gravy. Then add meat back in. Serve with your favorite sides. 

From my blog to your kitchen, God bless and happy dishes. 

Please remember to leave your comments and tell about your favorite meal times.

Stay tuned for more homemade recipes and blessings from my table to yours.

In addition to providing delicious recipes on her Faith and Food blog, Tina Rucker is a proud mom to her 18 year old son, happy wife to her husband Joel of six years, and the spearhead of the Five Loaves Food Pantry ministry in her local church, open twice a month. 

Tina has worked in the food industry for over 25 years, and has a heart and a passion to serve, feed, and provide for those in need.

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