Mustard-Size Faith Is All It Takes

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Matthew 17:20 states, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” 

When I first read this verse, I think I took it quite literally, which stumped me because how could I physically move an entire mountain? 

But Jesus shows us in His Word that He spoke frequently through parables. I used to be indifferent about the way He spoke because I have always been someone who wanted the direct answer, and I wanted it NOW. 

There is something interesting about reading a parable and then having to take the time to study it, pray about it, and understand what Jesus was meaning. 

God gave us His word, which is the handbook to life and all of our potential problems; but He also spoke in a way that would cause us to need to spend time praying and seeking the meaning behind His words. 

I think He wrote it this way on purpose, so that we would have to dive deeper and develop a more intimate relationship with Him. 

His Word gives us instruction, but it also urges us to walk hand in hand with our Father. Our perfect Father who will never leave us nor forsake us. Our heavenly daddy who set us apart for such a time as this. 

I have a passion to comfort those who read the words I put down on a page. 

You are here for a reason. There is so much hope in the fact that we can have such a small, mustard-size amount of faith, and know that it is enough to move the large mountains in our lives. I would even be as bold to say that persistent, unwavering faith will change absolutely everything we encounter in this world. 

Faith will keep us afloat when we feel we are stranded in the ocean. 

Faith will help dry our tears and remind us of the sunshine when all we feel is pain. 

Faith will give us God confidence and the ability to reach out to others when God lays them on our hearts, reminding us that it isn’t our ability, but God’s. 

Faith will take any situation we find ourselves in and subtly remind us, ‘but…God’. 

So my advice for you today is to keep moving forward and keep protecting your faith at all costs (because if we walk by faith and not our sight, we have to remember to stand on God’s promises and not focus on how big our problems may appear). 

If you do, you will change the world!

Hannah Smith, author of the Moving Mountains blog, is a woman who feels she has experienced a lot of life in her 30 years. 

At 19 years old, Hannah joined the Army. After moving around the country, getting a divorce and losing what seemed like everything, she landed back where God wanted her in Ohio, even though she fought the whole way. She is now in charge of the prayer team at her church and seeks the Lord with all she’s got.

Hannah is married and a RN, but works as a stay-at-home mom to her daughter, Isabella, and her son, Grayson.

She loves to hike, travel, drink coffee, and talk about Jesus. Hannah also has a heart to create a home and life in which she can be a safe place for the hurting and the broken.

To her readers, Hannah says, “I believe that God set every single one of you reading this apart, for such a time as this. It is my hope and prayer that God would use the words I say to change your life in a way you and I never thought possible!”

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