Hike Your Own Hike

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When I was in like fifth or sixth grade I read this book called Halfway to the Sky by Kimberly Bradley. 

It’s about this 12 year old girl named Katahdin, but everyone calls her Dani. Dani had a brother named Springer who died from Muscular Dystrophy. Her parents split up after her brother died and she decided she was going to be like her parents and hike the Appalachian Trail. She runs away and heads to the trail. 

The next day though, her mom catches up to her and they decide to hike for a while. Along the way Dani learns many life lessons including “hike your own hike.” 

Hike your own hike means that everyone’s journey is different; don’t compare yourself to others. 

If you do, one of two things will happen…either you will see that others are doing better than you and you will feel ineffective and you can tear yourself down. Or the other thing that can happen is that you see that you are doing better than other people and pride can slip in. 

Go at your own pace! 

On the trail if you compare yourself to everyone else… you will NEVER make it. God made you exactly the way he meant to. Your journey through life is unique to you…embrace your uniqueness! 

Remember God loves you and so do I!

Hannah Benson — known for her big heart, her kindness, and her eagerness to serve — is the author of the Overcoming Autism blog.

Hannah was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 14, and now uses this media platform as a way to reach out to those living with Autism and other handicaps. Hannah shares tips and coping skills for those with Autism and for family and friends of those who have been diagnosed; she also relates her life to stories in the Bible and chronicles the lessons she’s learned along her journey.

Hannah Benson can be found on Instagram @hannah_benson94 or on Facebook on the Overcoming Autism Hannah’s Story.

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