Understanding The Prophetic Ministry


By Kim Eidel

The Prophetic Ministry. Hmmm… What does that actually mean? It seems like almost everyday when one logs onto FaceBook there is is a “prophetic word” given by an individual or minister. How do we know what is “real and truth” and what is not? How can we trust what we read or hear, especially if there is confusion about this type of ministry?
If you find yourself wondering about these very points, then you are in a good spot. It is good to test things that are brought to our attention by and through the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. It is on this basis that these questions will be addressed, and we will hear from two ministers who have a great anointing in the prophetic ministry. Since the Word is our foundation for spiritual guidance, then it would behoove us to first go to the source – the Word of God.
1 Corinthians 12:4-11 lists the nine Spiritual gifts that are available to the body of Christ. To keep things simple and in line with our particular topic, we will just look at the gift of prophecy. The gift of prophecy is a part of the inspirational gifts and we can find out what it means by looking at 1 Corinthians 14:3. “But one who prophesies strengthens others, encourages them, and comforts them” (NLT). In other words, prophecy is the anointed speaking forth of words that build others up, encourages them along their spiritual journey, and comforts those in need. Prophecy is a supernatural utterance that comes from a person who is anointed to speak the treasures of God to the body of Christ.
It is imperative at this point to clarify the difference between prophecy and the word of wisdom. Many people have confused the regular gift of prophecy with the gift of word of wisdom for quite some time now. When an individual (who is a born-again Christian) speaks out in church or on social media foretelling the future, then they have left the inspirational gift of prophecy and have moved into the word of wisdom.
For those who think the gift of being shown something in relation to the future by the Holy Spirit as the “coolest” of all gifts, take note that there are 22 references of the importance of prophecy over the span of 4 chapters (1 Corinthians chapters 11-14) in the New Testament. 1 Corinthians 14:1 tells us to desire the gifts, but especially prophecy and 1 Thessalonians 5:20 tells us not to despise (or withhold) prophecy. The gift of prophecy is used by God for many reasons. Prophecy can lift a Christian out of depression, out of negligence, out of a lukewarmness attitude, and put them back into the mainstream of the thrust of God. Prophecy can energize or jumpstart spiritual fortification. The threefold purpose of prophecy, which is to edify (build up), exhort (encourage), and to comfort others should be functioning in the church regularly. It is for His glory and our benefit!
With the importance of prophecy being established, we can now be introduced to two highly anointed minsters who have a vast knowledge of the Word and who are regularly used in prophecy and the gifts of the Spirit. After the introduction of each, specific questions in relation to the prophetic ministry will be addressed.
First, we will look at Darby Slaton out of Pennsylvania. Darby comes from a background of an Independent Fundamental Baptist where he was taught the gifts of the Spirit ended with the passing of the last apostle. It was after some personal and detrimental circumstances that the Lord was able to get through to Darby. It was through a divine appointment and an encounter with God in 2003 that changed everything for him. It was at this time that he experienced something he never had before. He wasn’t able to explain it or understand it then because of his upbringing, but he felt the presence of God and felt like all the lights were turned on inside of him. His eyes were opened and he felt the impression of the Lord speak to him for the fist time. The Lord shared with Darby that he was going to be used by God in such a way that hearing His voice was vitally necessary. In the days, weeks, and months following that Word, Darby had an insatiable appetite for the Word of God and grew exponentially in the Spirit. Through training by the Spirit and individuals the Lord sent to Darby, he developed in the ministry that the Lord placed before him and he is still working in with diligence. Darby is an ordained minister through Harvest Chapel out of PA; not only is he used traveling from destination to destination along the East Coast ministering the Word and in the Prophetic Word, but he also operates in a unique ministry as a Life Coach to those in the ministry and in the business world. Darby regularly ministers to those in the world who are looking for answers and for help.

There are many instances of the Prophetic Word that the Lord gave to Darby while ministering to others. An example of one of those occurrences happened during a service in Fredrick, Maryland where Darby was ministering in the prophetic realm. The Lord illuminated a young man in the congregation to Darby and the Spirit showed a picture of this man and a word of wisdom in regards to something that was to take place in the near future. This young man was married and heavily involved in street ministry. What Darby did not know was that this couple was in great debt. The Lord told Darby that He was going to give this young man a unique idea that he would be able to use where enough money would come in to not only quickly pay off all the debt, but where they would have surplus that could be used in their ministry.
Not long after the young man received the word from Darby, his wife, who worked as teacher with handicapped children heard about an “invention” that never materialized. She told her husband that this gadget, if reengineered, would be beneficial to her handicapped students. There was an expired patent on a crude version of what was to be a fidget spinner. The young man remembered the word of wisdom that was spoke over him and he had a clear vision of what this crude fidget spinner could become. He purchased the contraption and patent and reengineered it. Once it was completed, he manufactured it and put it on Amazon. Within four months, this man and his wife were able to pay over $150,000 off in debt and now makes between $2000-$5000 a day. Because of the idea the Lord gave him he now is able to focus more on street ministry.
Another phenomenal minister who has an anointing in the prophetic ministry is Charlie Abraham. Brother Abraham is a third generation preacher who has been in ministry 24 years. He was a pastor two different times and works as a missionary. Abraham and his family were missionaries in Indonesia for a little over three years where he made an impact on dozens of local residents of that area. He also ministered in Africa on a temporary basis where evangelical meetings, pastoral training, discipleship, teaching, and powerful services took place. He has also ministered in Japan and has regularly ministered in jails, parks, under bridges, in schools, churches, in conferences, and has ministered in revivals with signs and wonders following.

Before Brother Abraham’s Spiritual transformation, like many lost and tormented souls, he was plagued with an out of control life. He was in bondage of deep depression; he had two complete breaks downs, was hospitalized and was committed into an institution both times. His eyes were finally opened and in the midst of defeat, he surrendered completely to the Lord. Right after his salvation and deliverance, he fell madly in love with Jesus. It was at this time that a love, compassion, and a desire to share that love with others was birthed. Abraham had a compulsion to see others find freedom, deliverance, acceptance, love, and salvation. He felt a desire rise up in him to help the lost and the scattered sheep needing direction. He prayed that God would use him to bring healing to broken people and to send him to the nations of the world. He prayed for God to give him a Word for pastors that would minister to them in a way that would encourage them in their ministry. He had a heart to minister to ministers.
Along with the burning desire to see lives changed, he felt a strong urge to start interceding for people that the Lord laid upon his heart. He seriously pursued this gift of intercession faithfully for several months. Then something happened. While he was interceding for a person the Lord put on his heart, a particular Bible scripture came to him and he knew he was supposed to give it to that person. It just happened to be, even though they said nothing to anyone, it was the exact scripture they needed at that moment. This allowed Abraham a focal point to pray specifically for that individual. The Lord continued to bless him in this manner and people were amazed that the Lord would show Abraham something for them. It encouraged them and it helped Abraham to grow in the prophetic ministry. After following in this season of intercession, intense worship, and spending a great amount of time pursuing the Lord, Abraham grew in the Spirit where he would go somewhere and the Spirit would show him something about someone near him. He would go up to them and tell them what the Lord showed him. It was always something that was going on in their lives and every time they were amazed that a stranger would be used by the Lord to help them. He always followed this up by praying for them. Brother Abraham states, “My prophetic ministry was birthed through obedience, dedication, and commitment.” Now Abraham travels through West Virginia, the East Coast and beyond, mighty and greatly used by the Lord.
Because the Holy Spirit is a gentleman, He will not force anyone to do anything they do not want to do. One has to first desire the gifts of the Spirit before they can receive and operate in them. Both Darby and Abraham had this desire and the determination to pursue the Lord relentlessly. They cultivated their relationship with the Lord and in the Word. Because of this level of commitment, they have grown and developed more in the gifts of the Spirit than ever before.
Many questions have been brought forth in relation to the gift of prophecy. It seems many Christians fit into one of two categories: one, they do not understand the prophetic ministry at all, or two, they desire to learn more about it and want to know how to operate in it. With that being said, a collection of these questions have been gathered and are answered below. Both Darby and Abraham have offered their insight to these queries.

Q: What about those messages that seem to be vague to the point that it could apply to anyone?

A: First of all, the Bible is for everyone. Both Darby and Brother Abraham said “Prophecy always aligns with the Word of God.” It is not truism or mentalism involving cold reading. John 10:27 states, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” (NKJV). Jesus said we hear His voice, which proves He talks to us. Revelation 19:10b states, “For the essence of prophecy is to give a clear witness for Jesus[b]” (NLT).

However, it is important that we judge all prophecy to the Word of God. If something is said that is already in the Bible, because the Word of God should be embraced and taken as truth, then the prophecy spoken can be celebrated and embraced as well.

Q: How do I know if the person giving a prophecy has the right motives?

A: As long as the prophecy lines up with the Word of God then that is something you can agree with. As far as motives, give it to God and let Him take care of it. You do your part and let God do His.

Q: What advice would you give if a message is given to an individual and it doesn’t “register” with their spirit?

A: According to 1 John 4:1 we must test the spirits and the Word given to us. In order to do this, one must give it to the Lord. Darby specifies we must sit on it, pray, listen, and wait. He pointed out that when we pray about it we should ask the Lord to either confirm it or if not from Him, to remove it.

Brother Abraham pointed out that sometimes a prophecy will be mixed with a word of wisdom (foretelling of something to come) telling us something that will occur over time. Abraham reminds us that this is what happened with Sarah. The Lord told her she would conceive and give birth to a child. When she was told this news, it did not “register” with her. As a matter of fact, the Word of God said that when she heard this, she actually laughed.

Another example of this is given by Darby. Darby pointed out that in Judges chapter 6 an angel approached Gideon and called Gideon a “mighty warrior of the Lord”. Because Gideon was in fear and was hiding from his enemies; even though he was the least in his father’s house, the angel was not confirming what was a reality at that time, but what was to become. Darby went on to say that heaven and the Lord does not see us as we see ourselves. He said that we should be careful in not dismissing and casting off a Word spoken over us just because we do not see it in the natural or we have a hard time envisioning what was said.

With both of the examples as a reference, even if a “prophecy” does not register with you, first, judge it by the Word; then surrender the prophecy to the Lord and allow Him to work in that situation and you follow peace.

Q: I have received a word of prophecy or word of knowledge and it does bear witness to my spirit. Now what do I do?

A: As with anything…we wait. Pray and surrender the word given to you to Him and wait for Him to bring it to pass. Do not make the mistake of trying to “help” God out. That is what Abraham and Sarah did when they agreed to have a child through Sarah’s maid. It caused them problems and to this day, there are world-wide repercussions to the decision they made.

One thing you can do is to continue to draw closer to the Lord and spend more time in the Word and at His feet. From time to time, remind Him of the prophecy and thank him for working it out in your life in His timing. Tell Him that you trust Him…then do that very thing – trust Him. He knows what He is doing and He will not forget you.

Q: How do you develop in the ministry of prophecy?

A: First off, you must make sure you have pure motives to operate in this gift. If your desire is to grow in this gift so you can you be seen and heard as “important” in man’s eyes, then know you will never be used by the Lord is this area. Abraham said that the Spirit of love is the drive behind the moving in the gifts of the Spirit. The Lord looks on the heart and knows man’s thoughts. With that being said, both Darby and Abraham gave examples of how they developed in this gift. They both diligently sought after the Lord, they interceded out of love for people; and they both desired to be used by God. God will not force something on you that you do not want. Both men put God first and it showed in their lives. As they developed in their relationship with the Lord; as they operated in obedience and trusted in Him; as they verbally made themselves available for God to use, then little things began to happen. They chose to be faithful over the little. Many times God will use something small to start off to see if you will trust Him, be obedient to Him, and to see if He can trust you with what He is giving you. Darby pointed out that it also takes practice. As we become more sensitive to the Spirit and step out with what the Lord is giving us, we learn and grow. It takes practice…and yes, sometimes a mistake can help shape a person as long as they keep their hearts right and do not back off and shy away.

As you develop in these areas, then the following are some things you may encounter: the Spirit may give you a scripture that you know is for another person. You can write this scripture down and present it to that person and intercede for them before, during, and after the delivery. God sometimes gives His servants a dream, a vision, or we may hear something in our spirits. Still, others have said that a person seems to have a “glow” around them and words come to them when they look at the individual that is “highlighted”. Of course, in the beginning, the Spirit of God will usually start with something small and allow you to grow into the gifts of the Spirit.

Hopefully these questions and answers offered clarification on the subject of prophecy.
Since the nine gifts of the Spirit were mentioned in detail in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11, we can see that it is God’s will and intent for these gifts to operate in and through the church. As children of God, we are to be open to these gifts and not shy away from them due to uncertainty or to fear. As we grow in the gifts of the Spirit and in sensitivity to the Spirit, we can and will accomplish God’s will and purpose in this life and in this day and age. Because in the end, His Word and His plan will prevail. I don’t know where you stand, but I want to make sure that I am not a hinderance; but instead, I want to be a vessel He can use. What about you?

If you have questions and would like to speak to either minister; or if you would like to schedule Darby Slaton or Charlie Abraham to come and speak at your church or event, the following contact information is provided:

Darby Slaton:

Charlie Abraham

Kim Eidel is an Apostolic Minister and founder of Arise Ministries — a non-profit religious organization and its divisions — that teaches the “how-to’s” of faith and practice.

With a mandate to serve, encourage, empower, and disciple through speaking engagements, live events, writing, and broadcasting, Kim equips others to grow spiritually and to develop a closer and more personal relationship with the Lord.

Kim is an ordained minister through the Church of God (Cleveland, TN) and is the Executive Pastor at the Refuge Church of God in New Martinsville, WV and has a degree in education. She is also the author of several published articles and enjoys teaching the principles of God’s Kingdom.

Kim and her husband, George, live in West Virginia with their four children.

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